Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce



Cook the potatoes in salted water, peel and mash them, still warm, with a potato masher.
Immediately add the flour, egg and salt and mix well so that all ingredients are well blended. Form a roll and cut into slices about the thickness of two fingers. On a floured surface, formed by rolling with your hands, roll the thickness of a finger and cut the gnocchi 2 cm each. To give them a nice shape, pass with the help of the thumb on a grater. Prepare the sauce by now fry over low heat the chopped onion and when he took a golden color, add the tomato. Cook slowly, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.
Add the salt, pepper and sugar. After about twenty minutes, add a few leaves of basil and continue cooking for a few minutes. Now throw in plenty of boiling your gnocchi and as soon as they begin to float, then drain them by placing them on a serving plate.
Then pour over the sauce that has reached a slightly creamy consistency, add parmesan cheese and decorate with the chopped parsley.

Source: mangiarebene.com