About us

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Since 20 years our company Baratella Commerciale srl produces, converts and deals in agricultural products such as red salad (radicchio) and potatoes in order to deliver them in the European markets. Thanks to the national experience our presence in the agro-industrial sector is strong because of the continuous up grading according to the market’s requests and demands. The red salad, the potato and their versions are typical products of our area, “red soil of Guà”, that is the river, which runs and mark the red soil, rich of humus. The attention given to the checks since 2002 on direct as well as indirect production result from the application of the protocol EUREPGAP for a good agriculture practices.

A look to our Land

Our aim is to follow every step of food farming supply chain, from the production to the distribution in order to be able to guarantee the maximum freshness and genuineness of our products. We are able to satisfy any demand for the Italian and for the European markets, both for the IV range, that for the GDO and on our clients demand we can provide personalized packing.